Frequently Asked Questions:

What's included in my rent?
Paying rent on time entitles you to a well maintained apartment and a clean living environment (hallways, common areas, and property surroundings). A range (stove) and refrigerator is included in every apartment.
What other costs should I expect to pay as a tenant?
Depending on the property you are approved for, you may or may not be responsible for paying for your own heat and hot water. In addition, you are responsible for your own electricity and gas bill supplied by PSE&G. Other services such as cable, phone, and internet are paid for by the tenant but are optional services.
How much money is required to move into an apartment?
Before move-in, the 1st month's rent plus a security deposit of 1 ½ months is due. For example, if your rent is $700, you will be required to pay $700 plus $1050. In addition, there is a $25 mailbox key deposit.
Financially, how much income should I be making in order to be approved for an apartment?
Income, from all legal sources, must equal at least 75% of the monthly rent per week. For example, if your rent is $700, your household must earn at least $525 per week.
Do you run a credit check & criminal background check?
Yes. In addition, there is a $40 non-refundable credit check/criminal background check fee.
What are the lease terms for renting an apartment?
We require a minimum 1 year signed lease. If you vacate the apartment prior to your lease expiring, you will be responsible for paying rent of the apartment until we are able to find a replacement to take over the apartment.
When is my rent due?
Rent is always due by the 1st of every month. For your convenience we offer a walk-in payment office or you can mail in your rent (must be mailed at least 3-5 business days before the 1st of each month).
Is there parking available?
It depends on the location you are interested in. If parking is available, there is a $45 remote control gate fee. Please email for more details.
Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at any of our locations.
How do I get the electric and gas bill in my name?
Once a move-in date is determined, you will need to contact PSE&G at 1.800.436.7736 or sign up at In all likelihood, you will be required to provide a signed lease as proof of your tenancy.